Monthly Program

Do you want to do a preseason or intensive during the year? This is your program.


The Monthly Program gives our players the opportunity to train during the month or months that the player selects with the latest methods in teaching systems, as well as compete in the best tournaments, advised and accompanied by our coaches at all times.
This program includes daily high performance training in which we apply the Sport & Life method to correctly develop the technical, tactical, physical and mental part of the tennis player.
The Monthly Program can also be complemented by a personalized language learning plan in the academy itself.
The program also includes video analysis sessions, personalized tournament calendar and mental coaching.
The Monthly Program starts when the player and his family wish, being able to start at any time of the year.
This program will have a duration of the months that the player wishes to register, being able to renew month by month and being in this case the player and / or his family who must communicate it to the academy.
The program will be taught from Monday to Saturday.

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The MONTHLY PROGRAM will be developed according to the following, during the months in which the player is enrolled.
This program is adapted to both resident and non-resident players in the academy, having the same schedules in both cases.

7.30 – 8.15 am BREAKFAST (only residents)
8.30 – 11 am TENNIS TRAINING
11 – 11.30 am BREAK
1 – 1.15 pm SHOWER
1.15 – 2.15 pm LUNCH
2.15 – 3.30 pm FREE TIME
5.30– 8.30 pm FREE TIME (only residents)
8.30 – 9.30pm DINNER (only residents)
9.30 – 10.30 pm FREE TIME (only residents)
10.30 END OF DAY/SLEEP (only residents)

*El horario del programa puede variar segun las necesidades de la academia.


The MONTHY PROGRAM can be complemented by the study and learning of languages ​​in the own facilities of the academy. The languages ​​the player can choose are Spanish for foreigners and English or German for Spaniards. The learning of the language will take 1 hour of study of the same during 5 days of the week next to a specialized tutor, offering a personal treatment to the player. The schedule in which the language class will be taught will be agreed by the Head Coach of the academy, always seeking to fit this matter to the needs of the player himself. In case the player enrolled in MONTHY PROGRAM is in a tournament during one of the weeks of the month and therefore loses class with the tutor, the amount of this service will not be refunded. The tutor assigned to develop this activity will be able to send specific work to the player so that he can continue advancing in this matter when he is out of the academy disputing tournaments. This service is optional for the player.

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Tennis Training Program 1650€/MES 1650€/MES
Club Membership – Use of club facilities Included Included
Languages Program 500€/Month(Opcional) 500€/Month(Opcional)
Physical Training Included Included
Accommodation 12.840€ /annual
Medical Insurance Included Included
Transport to an from Valencia´s Airport (Manises) 1st time Included(Next times 30€) 1st time Included(Next times 30€)
Daily Transportation Included
Laundry Service Included
Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner Included
Wifi Included Included
Physiotherapy Service and Specialist 30€/session 30€/session
Federative License 30€/year 30€/year




If you want to know us, the weekly program gives you the opportunity.


Do you want to do a preseason or intensive during the year? This is your program.


Live the Sport & Life Academy experience  at its best.


The perfect program for the player between the ages of 13 and 17.


Come and train in summer with us as a true professional.