Learn and enjoy in a pleasant environment.

For us adults are the most grateful customers. That is why we have taken the happiness of our customers very seriously. With the group of Adults, we seek to offer them a playful sports service, always complemented by technical education and participation in friendly and federated tournaments. If you want to learn and have fun. This is your group.

Personalized teaching system. 100% Technified Training.

For us it is essential to maintain a balance in each class. We look for the coach to feel comfortable developing his exercises. We want the student to grow at the right pace. Offering a reduced ratio at an attractive price we managed to keep the player satisfied.



Personalized teaching system. 100% Technified Training.


Participa en equipo

Hemos creado la competición ideal para nuestros alumnos. Ligadeclubes adultos iguala el nivel de los partidos antes de que se disputen. Asignando un nivel a cada uno de nuestros jugadores (bronce, plata, oro, platino), garantizamos partidos disputados que permitan a ambos participantes disfrutar del encuentro. Participa con nosotros! 

* Competition subject to registration of a minimum of 4 teams.


Accept the challenge.

We want our students to grow as players. Through the tournaments, we complement our teaching system by setting new challenges for each of our players. The tournaments are federated, by categories, and regional and national.


We apply tennis pedagogically.

“In the academy, we understand motivation as the necessary tool to develop any aptitude to its maximum exponent. We only have trainers committed to our method who freely share our vision about teaching. Teachers with leadership skills, involved in getting the best out of each child regardless of age and condition. They are all instructed to present and develop tennis lessons with the right tone depending on the group being taught. You will see them smiling and creative in Initiation. Practical and dynamic in Advanced and Adult, and intense and demanding in Competition.


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